COVID-19 response: While the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg remains closed to the public, the campus is in operation for the 2020-2021 academic year. Learn how Pitt-Greensburg is building a healthy and resilient community. Campus Operational Posture:
Elevated Risk


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The Pitt-Greensburg Alumni Association provides opportunities for the continued success of the Pitt-Greensburg community while supporting the educational missions of our alma mater. Stay connected with classmates through alumni communications, activities, and different events throughout the year. We encourage you to get involved by volunteering your time, talents, and resources.

2020-2021 Upcoming PGAA Events
January 14, 2021 PGAA Board Meeting
February 25, 2021 Professional Impressions
Monday, March 29 2021 PGAA Board Nominations Deadline
Monday, July 5, 2021 PGAA 2021 Alumni Awards Nominations Deadline: Alumnus of Distinction, Young Alumni Leadership, Volunteer Excellence


Support Our Students

There are many ways for you to help students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Help students who are in immediate need of financial assistance by supporting the PGAA Student Emergency Fund. This helps a student with the cost of books, student and lab fees, rent, travel, and food during extraordinary circumstances.

 Give to the Technology for the Future Fund and help increase the campus' digital infrastructure and keep the technology systems up-to-date which is so important to remote learning.

 Volunteer for a Zoom career panel. The PGAA is partnering with Career Services to provide students, especially the Class of 2020, with advice as they navigate a new virtual job landscape.  Alumni are especially needed in the these areas: criminal justice, psychology, history, biology, management/accounting, information sciences, chemistry, social sciences, applied math, communication, visual and performing arts.

 Share job openings, internships, and job shadowing experiences through Career Services, Handshake, and College Central.

 Join Pitt Commons and become a mentor to a Class of 2020 graduate.

Share Your COVID-19 Hero Stories

Whether they are working in the healthcare field or making masks from home, our alumni are serving and caring for people in their communities.  We know that we have HEROES in our midst.

Tell us how you are helping others, volunteering your skills and time, or making a difference in the lives of others during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alumni Testimonials Wanted by Admissions

Every alumnus has a unique story to share about how and why they chose Pitt-Greensburg.  The Office of Admissions is looking for alumni who would be willing to share what Pitt-Greensburg means to them.  Using quotes and short video clips, they plan to tell these stories to prospective students, especially those who are undecided about attending Pitt-Greensburg.

Share your Pitt-Greensburg experience with the Admissions Office >>

Get Involved with the PGAA Committees

PGAA Committees are a great way to become involved.  Plan events with fellow alumni, and assist with alumni engagement.  Committee members can be non-Board members.  Events, Engagement and Professional Development are the current committees.  For more information or to join a committee, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at or 724-836-7496.