Guaranteed Admissions Programs

Many students who attend the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg plan to continue their education beyond the undergraduate level. As part of a world-renowned research university, our most accomplished students are afforded the opportunity to obtain admission to many of Pitt’s prestigious graduate and professional schools. This program is just one of many benefits that Pitt-Greensburg can provide to you.

First-year students entering Pitt-Greensburg can be considered for graduate/professional school guarantees through our Admissions Office. Please review the application procedures and criteria for the guarantee program in which you are interested. Do not hesitate to call our office if you have any questions regarding these programs. Do not hesitate to contact Admissions if you have any questions regarding these programs.

NOTE:  Please be advised that Pitt-Greensburg does not offer undergraduate programs in Communication Science & Disorders. Communication Science & Disorders students may choose to begin their studies at Greensburg but will be required to relocate to Pittsburgh to complete that undergraduate degree.

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