Early Childhood: Course Sequence Maps

Becoming an Educator

When you begin your education, you are considered a pre-service teacher. You must demonstrate behavior appropriate for the teaching profession.  There are state requirements, which include solid dispositions and a high grade point average (GPA).  It is very important to start with a strong GPA and maintain it throughout your college career.

Your first year will include Social Foundations, our introductory education course. In this course, you will gain understanding of preK-4 students by spending time in a classroom. Next, you will build on that experience, gaining information and skills in Strategies and Early Field courses.

Early Childhood Educators may pursue:

  • a minor in Psychology
  • Children’s Literature certification
  • Behavior Analysis certification

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education/Children's Literature

Early Childhood Education/Psychology Minor

Early Childhood Education/Special Education

Early Childhood Education/STEM Endorsement

Early Childhood Education/Gifted Endorsement