Humanities Area

39 credits
Bachelor of Arts

The Humanities Area option allows students to meet their individual education needs by developing a major based on courses from several departments within the Humanities Division. The selection of courses should reflect a theme or program that is developed in consultation with the faculty advisor.

To satisfy the requirements for a Humanities Area major, students select one department in which they take five to six courses (15-18 credits) and two other departments in which they take three to four courses (9-12 credits) each for a minimum total of 36 credits. An example program of studies for a student who chose Communication as the major department and Literature and Art History as the minor departments is shown below.

Mass Communications
Nonverbal Communication
Small Group Communication
Theories of Persuasion
Television and Society

English Literature
Introduction to Shakespeare
Development of the Novel
Early British Literature
Formative Masterpieces

History of Art and Architecture
Introduction to Art
Masterpieces of Western Painting
American Art

Additional Requirements 1 course – 3 credits
After earning 90 credits, all Humanities Area majors must take one of the capstone courses offered by the major department or one of the minor departments as approved by the faculty advisor.

Students must earn at least a C- grade in all courses used to fulfill the requirements of the major.

For additional information, please contact:

Dr. Sayre Greenfield
Phone: 724-836-7125