Latin American Studies

The Certificate in Latin American Studies promotes knowledge and understanding of Latin America and the Caribbean through multidisciplinary study and field experience. You will receive a broad background in the long and complex history, intersecting political, economic, and social structures, and diverse cultures of the region. Students who wish to pursue the LAS certificate must apply by informing an academic advisor and completing the appropriate paperwork. Students must earn a minimum grade of C- in all courses used to fulfill requirements for the Latin American Studies certificate.

Study Abroad

Fully immerse yourself in the culture by studying abroad in a Latin American country. Additionally, our students are eligible for the annual seminar/field trip to a Latin American country sponsored by the Center for Latin American Studies.

Language Proficiency

Students must demonstrate proficiency in either Spanish or Portuguese. Completion of six semesters of college-level courses, including SPAN 004 plus two additional Spanish language classes, will satisfy the language proficiency requirement. Native speakers of either language can request that the language proficiency requirement be waived.