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Political Science

Political Science professor and students conversing.

The Power of One Discussion

Political scientists concern themselves with a wide array of questions and issues related to power, governments, public life, and justice, among others.

As a liberal-arts program, the Pitt-Greensburg political science major encourages the student to analyze the theories, institutions, and processes of political systems; develop a continuing and responsible interest in political activity and public affairs; and provide a basis for citizenship through a fundamental understanding of the nature of political systems.

The Pitt-Greensburg political science major can expect to receive independent and sympathetic attention and career advice from quality, experienced faculty.

Political science graduates from Pitt-Greensburg typically go on to graduate programs in politics, policy, or international relations; law school; careers in government, politics, non-profit organizations, or the military; business; and related fields.

For students interested in going on to law school, the Pre-Law Group at Pitt Greensburg is a great way to engage with faculty, staff, and students revolvong around law and leagl issues.

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