History of Art & Architecture

The study of the history of art and architecture is really the study of ourselves and our own history.  Understanding visual cultures across the globe and through time provides a window to self-discovery and global understanding.

There are numerous opportunities for students interested in the visual arts at Pitt-Greensburg, both in and outside the classroom, such as internships at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art.  The Visual Arts Society is a great way to get involved in the arts on campus.  VAS sponsors film series, the annual Fall Arts Trip, painting parties, a Spring Art Exhibit, visiting lectures, and more.  Follow VAS on Facebook!

Students interested in History of Art and Architecture may choose to pursue a minor either to supplement the work in their majors or to fulfill the requirements for a related area within their majors. The minor in History of Art and Architecture requires that students complete five courses for a total of 15 credits in addition to any HA&A courses chosen to fulfill requirements under General Education.

Course Rotation

Every Fall semester:
HA&A 0010 Introduction to World Art

Every Spring semester:
HA&A 0030 Introduction to Modern Art

As needed:

HA&A 1901 HA&A Independent Study

HA&A 1903 HA&A Internship