Pitt-Greensburg Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium

Pitt-Greensburg Undergraduate Research & Creativity Symposium

The fourth annual Pitt-Greensburg Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium took place Thursday, April 13, 2023. View pictures from the event >>

The annual Pitt-Greensburg Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium will recognize the original research and creative achievements of current Pitt-Greensburg students from all class years and majors.

Select entrants will present their projects at the in-person symposium on Thursday, April 13 (please see time and location details below).

The top entrant (as decided by the PURCS committee) will be receive the Grand Prize of a new iPad! A chosen first place winner will receive a cash prize of $500, and additional monetary prizes will be awarded to runners-up.

The first in-person PURCS!

For the first time ever, PURCS will be an in-person event on campus. The event will take place Thursday, April 13. Please see the following schedule for the symposium (click here for more details on poster and panel presenters):

Time Activity Location
10am - 10:50am Keynote Speech, Dr. Matthew Kostek - Should We Follow the Science or Be Informed By It? Hempfield Room
11am - 11:50am Natural Science Division Panel Oral Presentations: Investigation of Organismal Models for Global Problem Solving LSB 210
12pm - 12:50pm Science Posters: First-Year Students Smith Hall 1st floor
12pm - 12:50pm Social Science Division Panel: Social Adversities in 2023 LSB 210
12pm - 12:50pm Humanities Division Panel: International Explorations of War and Policy LSB 212
1pm - 1:50pm Science Posters: Upperclassmen Smith Hall 1st floor
1pm - 1:50pm Social Science Division Panel: Paying, Spending, and Impacting LSB 210
1pm - 1:50pm Humanities Division Panel: Theories of Persuasion LSB 212
2pm - 2:50pm Social Science Division Panel: Impacts and Societal Consequences LSB 210
2pm - 2:50pm Humanities Division Panel: Explorations of Digital Humanities and Literature LSB 212
4pm Awards LSB Lobby
5pm - 5:50pm Workshop with Dr. Jeremy McCool - Moving The Culture: Hip-Hop Within The Academe LSB 212

Guest speaker presentations

Dr. Matthew Kostek photo

Dr. Matthew Kostek - Should We Follow the Science or Be Informed By It?

Modern academic scholarship takes many forms across disciplines. Science, being one form, often overshadows others which undermines all scholarship including science. Instead, taking a more informed and nuanced approach of what questions science can and cannot answer improves all scholarship and society.

Dr. Matthew Kostek holds a Ph.D. for the University of Maryland and is an associate professor at Duquesne University. He currently serves as the National Chair of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Dr. Jeremy McCool photo

Dr. Jeremy McCool - Moving The Culture: Hip-Hop Within The Academe

In 2018, Nielsen reported that hip-hop had officially become the most popular genre of music based on overall consumption (streaming and sales). The impact that this genre has had on both society and social justice movements remains a prevalent topic of conversation for college students worldwide. In this presentation, Dr. Jeremy C. McCool will present on his work both researching and teaching about this genre within academia.

Dr. Jeremy C. McCool is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication and Media at West Chester University. He is a consultant, media personality, scholar and author from Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Jeremy C. McCool has held lectures at universities and organizations on topics such as media influence, racial bias, hip-hop and interpersonal communication. He is the co-creator of a children's book series called McCool & McBride Books.

Important dates

  • Thursday, March 2 - PURCS submission form opens.
  • Friday, March 31 - PURCS submission period ends and form closes.
  • Thursday, April 13 - PURCS in-person event.

If you have any questions regarding PURCS, please contact Dr. Geoffrey Wood.