Bridge Program: Preparing Students for Success in College & Beyond

Students crossing bridge on campus

What is the Bridge Program?

Bridge connects students directly to faculty and academic advisors who provide the guidance and support to help you succeed.

You will build a solid foundation for success in college through:

  • Individualized assistance with math and English fundamentals.
  • Development of college-level study skills applicable to any college major.
  • Opportunities for tutoring.
  • Weekly recitations to enhance learning in College Composition 1 and College Algebra.
  • Regular meetings with your academic advisor to answer questions, provide mentoring, and monitor academic success.

Early Bridge

Early Bridge is a 4-week program that starts approximately 1 month before the start of the fall semester. It will help you begin a successful transition to college. You will receive preparatory instruction in College Algebra, English, and academic success skills in a supportive, personal learning environment. Bridge begins with 3 weeks of online instruction in College Composition 1 and College Algebra Monday through Thursday mornings. During the in-person week of Early Bridge, you will participate in social activities to create meaningful relationships with staff, faculty, and other students at Pitt-Greensburg. A benefit of this program is that residents are permitted to move in earlier than most students.

This is a mandatory requirement for admission into the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. If the program is not fully completed, your admission could be rescinded. Therefore, attendance is required

View the Early Bridge 2023 Itinerary Here

Fall Term: Courses & Support

As a Bridge Program student, you will be enrolled in one-credit recitations supplementing your College Composition 1 and Algebra courses, both during the fall semester. Each recitation will meet for one hour per week to reinforce the concepts and skills introduced during the regular meetings of the College Composition 1 and Algebra courses. This supplemental coursework is part of your regular schedule, which will be designed before you attend summer orientation. Specifically, the College Composition 1 recitation helps you develop effective writing skills and convey your ideas clearly, ensuring greater success both in college and in your future career. The Algebra recitation focuses on topics that tend to be particularly challenging or that are otherwise critical to mastering the course. Additionally, these recitations are designed to help you understand the subject matter covered in the course and to avoid simply memorizing material. This process will promote achievement in the course and application beyond the course. Your fall schedule will also include a Collegiate Reading course. Collegiate Reading develops reading skills and comprehension, which will apply to all future coursework.

Spring Term: College Success Seminar

During the spring semester, students will continue their academic journey through the College Success Seminar. Lessons enhance awareness of how students learn and what methods work best for them. Students will implement these strategies throughout the semester within their current coursework and beyond.

Lessons may focus on the following topics:

  • Learning styles
  • Mindfulness
  • Time management
  • Note-taking strategies
  • On-campus academic resources
  • Study strategies
  • Setting and implementing academic goals

Disability Services

If you have a disability for which you are requesting an accommodation, you are encouraged to contact Dr. Lou Ann Sears in the Learning Resources Center upon your acceptance to Pitt-Greensburg. The Learning Resources Center will determine reasonable accommodations for your courses.

Dr. Lou Ann Sears 
Director of Learning Resources 
240 Millstein Library 
Phone: 724-836-7098