Freshman Students

Full-time Admission

Candidates for Full-time Admission Must

  1. Complete the online application found here
  2. Request an official copy of your high school transcript, including class rank*, be sent to the Pitt-Greensburg Admissions Office.
  3. Submit scores of either the SAT or ACT.

*NOTE: Some high schools do not rank students in which case the rank will not be included on the transcript.

Requirements for Full-time Admission

Applicants for full-time admission should have completed:

  • A minimum of 15 units in college preparatory courses, taken in grades 9 through 12 including:
    • Four units of English
    • One unit of algebra I
    • One unit of plane geometry or algebra II
    • One unit of history
    • One unit of a laboratory science
    • Four units of academic electives

*A unit refers to one year of study in high school.

The Admissions Office strongly recommends that students take the following high school courses:

  • Three or four years of mathematics in high school (including two years of algebra)
  • Two or three years of science
  • Two or three years of history or other social studies
  • Four years of a single foreign language. Students who complete four years of a single foreign language (with a grade of at least C or 70%) are exempt from taking a foreign language at Pitt-Greensburg. Foreign language competency (either through coursework or exemption) is required for graduation from Pitt-Greensburg. Pitt-Greensburg offers Spanish, French, German, and Chinese. Cross-registration for American Sign Language through Westmoreland County Community College is also available. Speak with an advisor for details.

Students interested in engineering should have taken the following high school courses:

  • Two years of algebra
  • One half year of trigonometry
  • One year of plane geometry, chemistry and physics
  • In addition, calculus and computer science are recommended
  • Engineering students are exempt from taking a foreign language course at Pitt-Greensburg.

Students interested in Nursing should meet the following academic criteria and must have the required high school courses:

Minimum high School GPA (cumulative): 3.2
Minimum SAT score: 1170

Required courses:

  • Four units English
  • Four units math
  • Three units lab science (one must be chemistry)
  • Five units of other academic electives(stats or computer science strongly recommended)