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Virtual Hospitality Raffle

Pitt merchandise Pitt merchandise Pitt merchandise Pitt merchandise
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Register once to win one of our 14 fabulous Pitt Swag give-a-ways! One name will be randomly drawn each day beginning September 25 through October 8. Winners will be listed on this page and announced via social media.

Congratulations to our winners!

Date Winner Affiliation
9/25/20 Khadija Sekandari Student
9/26/20 Lara Bromyard Student
9/27/20 Kelli Malloy Faculty
9/28/20 Hayden Wolf Student
9/29/20 Nick Musolin Alum (Class of '08)
9/30/20 Nicholas Guillen-Hernandez Student
10/1/20 Abigail Lescallette Student
10/2/20 Joani Pletcher Staff
10/3/20 Rowan Alexander Student
10/4/20 Abby Lewis Student
10/5/20 Joseph Benkovich Alum (Class of '78)
10/6/20 Hannah Mencer Student
10/7/20 Amy Shearer Faculty
10/8/20 Kayla (Anthony) Thoma Alum (Class of '14)