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Lipika Mazumdar, PhD

  • Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Lipika Mazumdar, PhD, is interested in opening up the world for students, such that they are better able to assess the possibilities of it, work to their potential, and thus plan their future roles in it.   Sociocultural anthropology provides the comparative, qualitative, and multidimensional means of helping one gain important insights into the state of human affairs, and thereby enables one to look both inward and forward.  Her area of focus is South Asia, in which she teaches several courses.  Dr. Mazumdar is an active proponent for Study Abroad options and hopes to continue taking students to India.  She also teaches many cross-cultural topical courses such as gender, death, migration, human ecology, religion, and globalization.  Her long-term research has been in the Garhwal Himalaya, India.