Advising Services

Major Exploration

Your advisor can help you explore different majors in which you have an interest. Many resources are available for you regarding your major choice.

Graduate/Professional School

If you are planning to continue your education beyond the bachelor's degree level, your advisor can help you plan. Discuss the different graduate/professional schools in which you have an interest with your advisor. She/he can help you explore the prerequisite requirements for the program, as well as provide tips on the application process, letters or recommendation, and essays.

Graduation/Degree Audit

As you get close to graduation, you will need to meet with the Senior Advisor, Michele Shuey to review your degree progress and determine which requirements you still need to fulfill.

Academic Intervention and Monitoring

Students at risk for academic probation or dismissal are contacted by the advising staff to discuss their academic progress and design a plan of success for the upcoming semesters.

Relocation and Transfer Services

If you are planning to relocate to another University of Pittsburgh campus, talk with your advisor about the relocation requirements. Your advisor can also assist you with choosing courses that will transfer and help you fulfill your degree requirements.
Transfer guides are available online for Westmoreland County Community College (pdf) and Community College of Allegheny County (pdf).