Disability Resources

To inquire about disability services, please e-mail Dr. Lou Ann Sears at los3@pitt.edu.

If you require classroom accommodations and are already registered for disability services at Pitt-Greensburg, please e-mail Dr. Sears (los3@pitt.edu) the Request for Accommodations Form (first page only) and the Permission Notice.

Dr. Sears will be happy to e-mail you another copy of these forms if you no longer have the disability-services packet she initially sent you. You can also obtain a copy from the rack in the hall outside the Learning Center (Millstein Library Building 250), and slide it under her office door, Millstein 240.

Disability Guideline Sheets

If you have an IEP that includes test scores and substantiates the requested accommodations, Learning Resources Center will look at it. If the IEP does not have test scores and does not substantiate the requested accommodations, you will be asked to provide additional documentation. See guideline sheets below.

Below is a list of Disability Guideline Sheets available.

Support Animal Guidelines and Forms

PLEASE NOTE: For the rest of the information needed for a support-animal request, please contact Dr. Sears at los3@pitt.edu.

Disability Related Housing Requests

Please read the Disability Related Housing Request Process before completing the following forms.

Requesting an Individualized Evacuation Plan

E-mail or call Daniel Lynch (724-836-7075) the Chief of Campus Police, to request the development of an individualized evacuation plan. A representative of his office will contact you for specific information.

Accommodations Review Committee

Pitt-Greensburg has an Accommodations Review Committee that "serves as a resource for faculty, academic administrators, and University students for a final review of disagreements concerning specific academic accommodation requests."
For more information about this committee, contact:

Dr. Jacqueline Horrall in Lynch Hall 204 (724) 836-7482 v
Dr. Melissa Marks in Frank Cassell Hall 232 (724) 836-7073 v
Ms. Karen Ricco in Millstein 102 (724) 836-7491v

Notice To Students With Disabilities

If you have a disability for which you are or may be requesting an accommodation, you are encouraged to contact both your instructor and the Director of Learning Resources Center, Dr. Lou Ann Sears, 240 Millstein Library Building (724) 836-7098 (voice), as early as possible in the term. Learning Resources Center will verify your disability and determine reasonable accommodations for this course.

Students interested in disability services in July and August should reach Beth Tiedemann in the Millstein Library Building (724) 836-7182 only if they do not receive a response from Dr. Sears.