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Summer 2023 Learning Resources Center Update 

During the summer semester, the Learning Resources Center is offering assistance with paper writing help through the Online Writing Center. You may submit any and all writing assignments to the OWC, regardless of subject. Additionally, if you are looking for more direct assistance and would like to discuss a writing assignment one-on-one, you may contact Daniel Hitt, djh89@pitt.edu, to set-up a time to do so. This can be useful for discussing more intensive writing assignments, such as semester long projects, presentations, literature reviews, etc. 

All other questions about the Learning Resources Center should be sent to Dr. Lou Ann Sears, the Director of the Center/Assistant Professor of English, by email: los3@pitt.edu

The LRC is the home of:

Our location is Millstein Library Building 250. This room is open from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM Monday through Friday.

The best way to reach Dr. Lou Ann Sears, the Director of the Center/Assistant Professor of English, is by email: los3@pitt.edu.

Please see below for services that remain the same and services that have changed.

How can the Learning Resources Center help you? 

Peer Tutor Help Desks

Students interested in tutoring no longer need to request tutoring. Instead, please click here to get started. For the schedule* of tutor help desks, please click here.

*Schedule last updated: 4/5.

Online Writing Center

The Learning Center offers online feedback from Mr. Hitt, our professional composition tutor. To use the OWC, you must have a Gmail account.

Submit your essay to the OWC >>

All sections of the above form must be completed before you may submit your essay, and as noted on the form, any vague responses may prevent you from receiving feedback. The average turnaround time for papers is 24-48 hours; however, excessive submissions may push that back. If it will take longer for us to get your paper back to you, you will receive an e-mail with an updated timeframe.

Supplemental Instruction

Based on professor requests, we offer Supplemental Instruction - guided help sessions - for certain courses. These courses are subject to change. Professors offering S.I. will announce it in class.

Professional Tutoring

Professional tutors offer two kinds of help: arranged tutoring and drop-in. For drop-in help, simply show up during the tutor’s advertised hours. No appointment is needed. These hours will be posted on the door of the Learning Center, or you may obtain them from the tutors themselves.

To request a weekly arrangement with one of the professional tutors below, please email the tutor.

Professional Tutors

Composition and Study Help
Mr. Daniel Hitt

Drop-in Times: 

Please use the Online Writing Center

Physics and Math
Mr. Michael Garing

Drop-in Times: 

Mondays and Fridays: 3-5 PM 

General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Math
Mr. Jacob Wigfield



Study Strategies

Pamphlets and handouts are available in the rack outside ML 250. One-on-one help is also available.

Disability Guidelines

Please refer to Disability Resources.

Study Help

To request Dr. Sears’s help with studying, please e-mail her at los3@pitt.edu. To request Mr. Hitt’s help with studying, please e-mail him at djh89@pitt.edu.

All help is free and will take place over Zoom.

Disability Services

For help with Disability Services, please e-mail Dr. Sears and/or visit the Disability Services page.