Chemistry Opportunities

Gamma Sigma Epsilon (GSE) is a national chemistry honor society founded in 1919 to promote the study of chemistry and activity in this field at the undergraduate level. The Pitt-Greensburg chapter of Gamma Sigma Epsilon is called Rho Theta, which was established on March 17, 2009 with 22 charter members. As of 5/1/2013, the Rho Theta chapter has approximately 30 members. Co-advisors of the Rho Theta chapter are Dr. Mark Stauffer (contact), Dr. Matt Luderer, and Dr. Christine McCreary.

Membership in GSE is open to students majoring in chemistry and disciplines related to chemistry (e.g., biology, physics, geology), and faculty who teach chemistry courses and courses related to chemistry. To qualify for membership and induction into GSE, one must have completed the General Chemistry 1 (CHEM 0110) and General Chemistry 2 (CHEM 0120) lecture/laboratory sequences AND the Organic Chemistry 1 lecture (CHEM 0310) and laboratory (CHEM 0330) sequence (with a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.00 in these courses), AND maintain a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.00 in his/her chemistry courses at the time of induction into GSE.

The Rho Theta chapter engages in a number of activities each year, with activities varying from one year to the next. Among the activities that have been carried out in the past, Rho Theta members have conducted various fundraising drives, such as conducting “cooking with chemistry” hands-on activities involving students, a “Chem-O Demo” chemistry lecture demonstration presented by Rho Theta members, the “Working Lives of Chemists” series featuring Pitt-Greensburg chemistry and biology alumni who give presentations on their careers after graduating from Pitt-Greensburg, collaborative activities with the Pitt-Greensburg chapter of the Beta Beta Beta national biology honor society, and raffling tickets to Pittsburgh Pirates and Pittsburgh Steelers season games.