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Anthropology major in library

Celebrate Human Diversity; Explore Humankind's Past

Anthropology is the study of human behavior - around the contemporary world, throughout our evolution as a species, and our social history across the ages. As an Anthropology major, you will learn to investigate this magnificence of humanity.

Socio-cultural anthropology encourages us to appreciate the vast diversity of cultures today. You will learn to recognize their shared characteristics and identify their unique expressions. Many of our students study abroad and gain first-hand experiences with another culture.

Studying archaeology will help you explore how societies of the past developed and changed through time. You will examine artifacts of bygone cultures, learn to analyze them, and decipher how peoples of long ago incorporated them into their daily lives.

These experiences within small class sizes and individual mentoring will prepare you for future studies in anthropology, should you choose to specialize your career path in graduate school.