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Discover Human Commonalities. Explore Our Variety!

What makes humans similar? And how can we account for the distinctions in humankind, past and present? Anthropology is the study of humans in the broadest and most “holistic” sense, from our biological and cultural beginnings, to who we are in the world today.

You will be introduced to the sub-disciplines of anthropology:

  • • biological/physical
  • • archaeology
  • • linguistic
  • • sociocultural

After this your courses focus on the richness and complexities in societies and cultures throughout the world. You will learn to identify the shared characteristics and the unique expressions with which humankind operates. You are therefore sensitized to approaching people within their sociocultural context.

The study of Anthropology provides the foundations for a variety of professional occupations. From the corporate world, to non-profit organizations, or further specialization in graduate school - there is no shortage of paths open to you.

Many of our students study abroad. These experiences provide first-hand experiences of society and culture. In your Anthropology Capstone, you will gather your own ethnographic data through local anthropological fieldwork.

We encourage taking part in internships and non-profit volunteering. These experiences will strengthen your degree as you move beyond your undergraduate work.

The experiences with small class sizes and individual mentoring and advising will prepare you for your future through anthropology, as a career or as a set of skills to carry you forward.