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Biochemistry major looking at computer screen

The Power of One Goal

The biochemistry major focuses on the study of the chemical processes of life. It is an interdisciplinary program combining the study of biology and chemistry that equips students with not only the knowledge of biological processes, but also the chemical tools to modify these events.

In 2015, Forbes ranked biochemistry as the second most valuable undergraduate major and identified it as a field with a growth potential of approximately 30 percent. This highly versatile major and allows undergraduate students to pursue careers in industry, government, research or graduate degrees.

Potential career paths after graduation with a bachelor degree in biochemistry include analyzing patients’ blood samples in a hospital setting, carrying out biochemical assays for a pharmaceutical company, ensuring the safety of our food or working as a forensic scientist. The in-depth study of living organisms also makes biochemistry an ideal pre-medical, pre-pharmacy, pre-dental or pre-veterinary degree.