Two Biochemistry majors at microscope with professor

The Power of One Goal

The Biochemistry major focuses on the study of the chemical processes of life. Combining the study of biology and chemistry equips you both with the knowledge of biological processes and with the chemical tools to understand, study, and modify these events.

In 2015, Forbes ranked biochemistry as the second most valuable undergraduate major, a field with a growth potential of approximately 30 percent. By developing an understanding of biochemistry, you may pursue future careers in:

  • Industry
  • government
  • clinical research
  • environmental science
  • agricultural and food science

and beyond.

Biochemistry is also an ideal bachelor's degree on the way to medical, pharmacy, dental, or veterinary school.

Pitt-Greensburg's Biochemistry program is a close-knit community. You will learn in a smaller classroom environment, enjoying one-on-one interactions with faculty members. You will gain hands-on experience with instrumentation, research techniques, and laboratory equipment that graduate programs and future employers want to see on applications.

Special Information

A note to all Biochemistry majors: Please be aware that many upper-level biology and chemistry courses are offered on rotation. This means they may only be offered during either even- or odd-numbered years due to faculty availability and student interest. For example, CHEM 1035 (Environmental Chemistry) was offered in Spring 2019 and Spring 2021, but not during Spring 2020 nor Spring 2022.

Upper-level courses currently on rotation are subject to change based upon student demand and faculty availability. Students should pay close attention in Biochemistry Major’s Meetings for more details.

Please check with our faculty as well as the Registrar's Office regarding pre- and co-requisites for all the aforementioned courses.