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English Literature

English Literature major reading in library

Read Closely, Write Precisely, Imagine Broadly

Do you want to see the world through others' eyes, then see it through your own? As a Literature major, you will read texts from multiple points of view and learn to write with precision and power.

Doors open for English Literature majors. Our program prepares you better than any other to redefine rules, think creatively, and define the future by writing. You will develop distinctive and highly valued skills in analyzing texts, exploring complex situations, and researching multiple points of view. English Literature majors often succeed in law school, medical fields, public relations, business management, and specialized government work. 

Within our small college environment and close-knit English Literature community, you will enjoy close attention and mentoring from the faculty on how best to tailor your coursework to your interests and goals. With a large university’s library resources, our courses encourage a wide range of interdisciplinary linkages while developing skills in information processing and online database research. The major engages students with challenging and provocative texts and in the process stimulates wide reading, understanding, and critical thinking.