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Mathematics (Applied)

Six members of Mathematics faculty posing on campus

Mathematics faculty.

The Power of One Breakthrough

Building your mathematical knowledge and skills can provide you with a world of opportunities.  Mathematics has long been the language of science. But it is also the language of a broader range of other human activity.  Mathematical analysis is crucial for solving some of the world's most challenging problems:

  • new sources of energy
  • climate change
  • managing risk
  • epidemiology

and more.

The ability to apply mathematics using technology is accelerating. A solid foundation in mathematics will aid you in the pursuit of most technical fields.

The Applied Mathematics program at Pitt-Greensburg provides foundational courses in applied mathematics:

  • the calculus sequence
  • linear algebra
  • numerical analysis
  • differential equations.

Explore areas of application, choosing one specific area to concentrate on above others. Areas include Computer Science/Information Technology, Statistics, Actuarial Science, and Education, among others.

Students receive personalized attention and practical application opportunities. These experiences will be attractive to firms offering employment in these fields.

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