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Psychology Majors talking on bridge

Psychology Applies to All Careers & Your Quality of Life 

From dealing with stress, to romantic relationships, to your future career, psychology is relevant to everything you do.  Whether you want to be a therapist, a business manager, a sports coach, a forensic evaluator, or a medical doctor, a psychology major or minor will help you achieve your goal.  

As a Pitt-Greensburg student, you apply what you learn in the classroom to internship and research experiences. Become an advocate for victims of abuse at the Blackburn Center, research eyewitness memory, or learn to provide assistance to children with autism. You have the power to impact the greater community.

Psychology students have a high success rate in finding jobs - check out the work that some of our program alumni are currently doing in the field. If you’re interested in attending graduate school, our students have been admitted to top-level programs in family therapy, psychology and law, and counseling psychology, among others.

Our Psychology faculty are award-winning teachers with research and applied experience in the fields of child development, clinical and counseling, behavior analysis, and legal psychology. Your professors will mentor and advise you one-on-one, and small class-sizes let you explore what interests you.

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