Social Media Protocol

The following points have been compiled in order to establish a consistent standard of communication across Pitt-Greensburg campus-related social media accounts. If you or someone that you supervise maintains a campus-related social media account, please ensure that you are following these practices. Please contact Online Communications with any questions regarding Pitt-Greensburg social media.

New accounts: If you are interested in creating a new social media account for an athletics team, club/organization, living community, or campus department, you must register the account with Online Communications prior to creating the account.

Publicity/Advertising: If you have information that you would like shared through the campus's official social media channels, please use the Publicity Form. If you would like to pursue paid social media advertising, please contact Online Communications.

Pitt-Greensburg Social Media Protocol

  • The purpose of campus-related social media accounts should be to support the University’s mission, goals, programs, and events.

  • All social media accounts/pages must have two (2) faculty/staff administrators. These administrators must be supplied with the login information for the accounts/pages and must be made aware of any changes made to the account/page login information. If one or both of these administrators changes or will no longer be employed by the University, notice must be sent to Online Communications.

  • You are responsible for ensuring that the information you post is accurate, unbiased, and respectful of others.

  • Do not tag or link to student/alumni/employee personal accounts from campus-related accounts without first securing their permission. It is acceptable to post a student/alumnus/employee’s name (without tagging their profile) in recognition of achievement. If an individual does not wish for their name or likeness to be shared on social media, please respect their wishes.

  • In the case of imminent severe weather or other campus emergency, do not issue a statement on social media or in private messages. Instead, please encourage your followers on social media to register for the Emergency Notification System (ENS) and to check their Pitt e-mail for further information/instruction during emergencies. Emergency information/instruction may be shared via the @PittGreensburg and @UPG_Facilities Twitter accounts and the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Official Facebook page. Please direct any media inquiries regarding emergencies to the Director of Media Relations.

  • Respect copyright law; do not post copyrighted content without permission from the copyright holder. Information that is widely available to the public may be subject to copyright restrictions that prohibit unauthorized duplication or dissemination.

  • Content or accounts may generate interest from the press (print, television, radio, online). If you are contacted in any way by a member of the media regarding social media, please confer with the Director of Media Relations before responding.

  • As per the Seals and Institution Marks Guidelines and the Script Pitt guidelines, the seal and wordmark of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg and “Script Pitt” are trademarks of the University of Pittsburgh and may not be used as social media icons. Please contact the Director of URIA for questions.

  • Do not use campus-related social media for the promotion or endorsement of any product, cause, or political party or candidate.

  • Online Communications reserves the right to remove social media content or accounts deemed to be inappropriate or counter to university standards or policy.