What is an Internship?

An opportunity to gain hands on, real life experience within the field you are studying in or interested in. Consider this a chance to "test drive" your ideal career and explore your interests before graduating. For a more detailed overview of internships, please view the Internship Guide.

How do I find an Internship?

Step 1

Schedule a meeting with the Internship Coordinator in Career Services to discuss:

  • Career skills & experience you hope to gain
  • Potential internship options & where to look
  • When you would like to complete an internship
  • Where other students have completed internships
  • Where (location) you would like to find an internship
  • Whether an internship is unpaid or paid
  • Explore completing the internship for academic credit. This may also involve meeting with faculty from your major as well as your Academic Advisor
  • Revising your resume and writing a cover letter
  • Preparing for an interview

Step 2

If for credit:

  • Potential internship options
  • Where other students have completed internships
  • Whether to do an internship for credit (most internships are 3 credits, 120 hours)
  • Minimum GPA & other departmental requirements
  • Whether an internship/field experience is required for your major, profession or graduate school

Internship For Academic Credit Instructions

If not for credit:

  • Be sure that the internship site permits non-credit internships
  • Arrange a meeting with the Internship Site Supervisor
  • Make arrangements for documentation of completion of internship (e.g. performance evaluation, letter of completion)

Internships For Credit? For Experience? Or Part-Time Job?

Have an Internship? Now what?

Step 1: Preparations

  • Complete the Internship Agreement Form if completing your internship for academic credit (otherwise this is not necessary). Obtain from the form Career Services. Note: This form may vary depending on your department.
  • Register for credit if applicable (if completing for credit) utilizing a Course Permisson Overrride Form signed by your faculty sponsor
  • Remember to be a good representative of the university during the internship. Also keep in mind you are building your own professional reputation!
  • Meet with the Site Supervisor to discuss:
  1. Responsibilities for the internship
  2. Expectations, company policies, dress code, hours, etc.
  3. The performance evaluation form (by the company and/or university)
  4. Requirements from your faculty sponsor, if completing for credit

Step 2: Final Steps of completion

  • Make sure all appropriate paperwork/assignments are complete
  • Complete evaluations as required by faculty and/or internship site
  • Add your internship experience to your resume
  • Kindly ask the Site Supervisor to be a reference

**Career Services does not approve internships or provide sponsorship. An internship completed for academic credit is at the approval of Academic Affairs and the corresponding department.

For Employers: How to Develop an Internship & Internships under the Fair Labor Standards Act

Start planning early!

  • Freshman Year
    • Informational Interviewing - a discussion with a professional in your area of study
  • Sophomore Year
    • Shadowing - a brief period of observing a professional in your area of career interest
  • Junior Year or Senior Year
    • Internship/Co-Op/Field Experience - an experience gaining practical thinking and on the job skills

What is the difference between Job Shadowing, Volunteering & Internships?

Also, consider community service and volunteering every year! These are great resume builders.

Where have Pitt-Greensburg students interned?

  • Adelphoi Village, Psychology/Criminal Justice
  • CCL Technologies, Information Science
  • Chick-Fil-A, Marketing
  • Children's Hospital, Psychology
  • Excela Health, Management: Accounting
  • Fayette County District Attorney's Office, Criminal Justice
  • Hammil Manufacturing, Accounting
  • First Energy, Information Science
  • Gateway Newspapers, English Writing
  • Hempfield Area School District, Management: Information Systems
  • Pennsylvania Financial Consultants, Management: Accounting
  • Pitt-Greensburg Biology Department, Pre-Pharmacy
  • Pitt-Greensburg Center for Applied Mathematics, Mathematics
  • Rostraver Township, Political Science
  • Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium, Psychology
  • Rusnock Sports Performance & Fitness, Natural Science
  • Southwestern Pennsylvania Human Services (SPHS), Psychology
  • Trustmont Group, Marketing
  • Westmoreland County District Attorney's Office, Criminal Justice
  • Westmoreland Casemanagement & Supports, Inc., Psychology, IT
  • Westmoreland Museum of American Art, English
  • Yogi Bear Jellystone Park, Management

This is a condensed list of examples of places our students have interned. When students do not complete their internship for academic credit, we are not always made aware of the great experiences they have had. Our office receives new internship opportunities from employers and other resources weekly. We often are aware of more internship opportunities than there are students to fill them!