Housing Information for New Students

When to Apply

New (first-semester & transfer) students for fall 2024/spring 2025 may begin applying for housing on Monday, April 22nd at 9 am. Students that apply by Friday, May 24th will be included in the first group of housing assignments. Applications received after May 24th will be assigned as they are received. These dates also apply for the Academic Village application and the Outdoor Adventure & Community Service applications. Students can make a request for a room change if they wish to relocate to a different room or location. The guaranteed housing date is Monday, July 1st.

Requesting a Location

New students can list location preferences on the housing application. Requests are not guaranteed and are made using many factors. For College Hall, Robertshaw Hall, and University Court, these areas are generally assigned in order of application. However, other factors such as availability of space will also influence placement.

For Academic Village and OACS communities, students will be placed if they are accepted by the director of that area. New students are not able to list the Academic Village or OACS as a location preference on the application. Acceptance into one of these locations will supersede requests listed on the application.

Requesting a Roommate

Students are able to request roommates on the housing application by creating a roommate group. Roommate groups are like friend requests. When a student is added to a roommate group, they must accept the request. While students may be requested into many groups, they can only be in one accepted group at a time.

Students may remove themselves from groups prior to being assigned by logging back into housing portal and selecting "Update Application." In addition, the group leader (i.e. the student who created the group), may remove members from a group or disband the group.

Finding a Roommate

To help students with finding a roommate, new students (non-transfer) are first assigned a location but not a room or roommates. Students then will be able to search for compatible roommates in various ways.

Using an online app called RoomSync, students can look for others assigned to their location. Another option for finding roommates is using the Pitt-Greensburg Class of 2027 Facebook group.

Transfer students will not use the RoomSync application and will be assigned using information provided on the housing application. Transfer students are generally assigned to live with sophomores, juniors, seniors, and other transfer students.

Housing and Meal Accommodation Requests

Students that want to inquire about a specific housing or meal accommodation due to a medical condition must contact Disability Resources. It is highly recommended that requests be submitted by the May 24th deadline so they can be reviewed prior to students receiving assignments. Housing accommodation requests approved after this date will be placed as space permits. Students can contact Disability Resources at 724-836-7098 or los3@pitt.edu.

Gender-Inclusive Housing

Students who opt into gender-inclusive housing are agreeing to be placed with other students who are seeking a similar accommodation, who they may or may not know. Students interested in gender-inclusive housing must complete the housing application and the gender-inclusive housing commitment form. Placement for gender-inclusive housing is an interactive process, so it is recommended students complete the commitment form as early as possible but no later than May 24th.  Forms received after May 24th will be at a disadvantage for receiving a gender-inclusive assignment as spaces and/or roommates may not be available. 

Mixed-Gender Housing

Mixed-gender housing (i.e. students who want to live with specific people of a different gender) is available in all locations. To be placed into a mixed-gender space, all roommates must consent to the living arrangement. This can be done on the housing application. Students needing assistance with a mixed-gender request should contact the Housing Office at UPGHousing@pitt.edu. New students interested in a mixed-gender housing arrangement should complete the housing application by the best consideration date, which is May 24th. Requests received after this date will be at a disadvantage for receiving a mixed-gender assignment as spaces may not be available.