Academic Advising

The Academic Advising Center is open Monday- Friday, 8:30am-5pm.  Academic advisors are available to meet with students virtually and in-person.  If you need to provide any paperwork/documentation to the Advising Office, we recommend that you please submit electronic versions/scans to us via email .  

Connect with our staff

Students can connect with an advisor in any of the following ways:

  • Stop by our virtual drop-in advising on Zoom.  

  • Chat in Microsoft Teams with your advisor.
  • Schedule a virtual or in-person appointment with an advisor using the Pathways/Navigation app on MyPitt or Pitt Mobile using the following steps:

  1. Login to Pathways
  2. Select Appointments > Schedule an Appointment 
  3. Select appointment format - either In-Person or Virtual
  4. Select Greensburg Academic Advising
  5. Select appointment type
  6. Choose  your date and time and confirm
  7. If you are meeting virtually on Teams, download the Microsoft Teams app and accept the meeting invitation you will receive from the advisor you are meeting with. Allow a few days to receive this invitation.
  • Send your advisor an email.

For detailed questions that require an appointment with an advisor or the director, call the Academic Advising Office, 724-836-9940. Business hours are Monday-Friday 8:30am - 5pm.

24/7 Canvas Help Desk for Students and Faculty - 412-314-1719

Quick Start Enrollment Guide 

Add/Drop - Changing your class schedule

  • All students are encouraged to speak with one of our professional advisors in the Academic Advising Center for assistance with schedule changes.  First-year students are required. 
  • Students can connect with an advisor in any of the ways listed above, including drop-in Zoom hours, MS Teams chat, a virtual or in-person meeting, email, or phone.  
  • For detailed questions that require an appointment with an advisor or the director, call the Academic Advising Office, 724-836-9940.

Changing Your Major/Adding a Minor or Major

  1. Consult with your academic advisor to discuss and confirm your plans.
  2. Complete the Plan (Major) Declaration Change Form, which is available on the Registrar webpage in the Forms section at the bottom of the page. 
  3. Return the completed form to your academic advisor.
  4. Your advisor will submit the form for processing. You will receive email confirmation from Lisa Pletcher after the change to your record has been made.

Cross Registration

  1. Students interested in taking a class through cross-registration at  Seton Hill University must first obtain permission from their Academic Advisor.
  2. Together, the student and advisor will complete the cross-registration form (available from the advisor)
  3. The advisor will submit the completed form via email to Holly Chenoweth in the Registrar’s Office, who will send your cross-registration request to the other school.
  4. Once approval has been received from the other school, the class will be added to your schedule and will be visible in your Student Center.  Please monitor your Pitt email for instructions and class information from SHU.

Monitored Withdrawal (from an individual class) 

  1. Complete the online Monitored Withdrawal Request form link which can be requested from the Registrar's office.
  2. Upon submission of the form, you and the professor will receive a copy of the request.
  3. The professor will review your request and submit their approval, via email, to the Registrar’s Office.
  4. The Registrar’s Office will process your Monitored Withdrawal request and you will receive email confirmation.

Monitored Withdrawal Notes

  • During the Fall semester, Monitored Withdrawal is available from September 18th through October 29th.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not have any holds or other restrictions on your account that would prevent you from withdrawing from a class.
  • You are encouraged to contact your advisor to discuss all of your options prior to withdrawing.
  • Students living on campus must receive special permission to remain in the residence halls if a Monitored Withdrawal will take you below 12 credits. 

Name and Address Changes*

Preferred Name and Address changes:

Official Name changes

  • An official name change requires documentation.  This should be gathered and copied prior to submission. 
  • Print and complete the Pitt-Greensburg Name or Address Change Request Form.
  • Submit this form, along with documentation (as designated on the form) to the Registrar's Office, 120 Millstein.
  • Allow at least 15 business days for processing.

      * For a complete list of the PeopleSoft pages that use the preferred name, please refer to the PeopleSoft Preferred Name List.

Permission for a Closed Class

  1. Contact the professor (email is the recommended method) explaining why you are requesting permission to enter their class, for example because the class is closed or you do have the required prerequisites.
  2. If permission is granted, the professor will submit an electronic request form to the Registrar’s Office.  You will receive a copy of this request form via email.
  3. The Registrar’s Office will enroll you in the class and both you and the professor will be notified via email.

Class Permission Notes:

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not have any holds or other restrictions on your account that would prevent you from being enrolled in the class.  Please check your Student Center on or PS Mobile for holds.
  • You must first obtain permission from the Director of Advising (Beth Tiedemann) if you intend to enroll in more than 18 credits


  1. Schedule a meeting with the Director of Academic Advising by calling 724-836-9940 or emailing
  2. Complete the Resignation form provided to you by the Director.  In order to be processed, this form must include your signature.
  3. Upon receipt of the resignation form, your resignation will be processed and the appropriate offices (e.g. Financial Aid, Student Accounts, Student Life and Success, Academic Advising) will be notified.
  4. If you live on campus, it is your responsibility to notify the Housing office of your resignation (724-836-9917 or 724-836-7869) and to make arrangements to move out and turn in your keys.

For assistance with any academic advising questions or concerns, please call 724-836-9940, or complete the Online Help Request.

Check out our new Student Guide to Registration (made for students by a student).

Academic advisors are available to assist you in a variety of ways, including:

  • Exploring your major.
  • Researching and preparing for graduate or professional school.
  • Reviewing the degree requirements for your major.
  • Developing a plan for academic success.
  • Relocating to another University of Pittsburgh campus or transferring to a different institution.

Please make sure to review the registration guidelines before meeting with your advisor.