The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg returns to in-person instruction for the Fall 2021 semester. The campus remains closed to the public. Learn how Pitt-Greensburg is building a healthy and resilient community.

Academic Attire

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Caps and Gowns

All graduates planning to participate in an in-person ceremony (if held) are required to wear caps and gowns (regalia). The robe color is the "new" bold Pitt blue, with a blue and gold tassel.  Students can visit the Pitt-Greensburg/Oak Hall website to purchase their cap and gown, which will then be shipped to your preferred address.  Please call (724) 836-9928 to place a phone order.

If you are a 2020 Graduate, please be sure to indicate that on the order form so that you receive the correct date charm on the tassel.

Full Regalia (Cap, Gown, and Tassel)

$40.98 (includes tax)

Cap Only

$8.98 (includes tax)

Tassel Only

$6.98 (includes tax)

The tassel should be worn on the RIGHT side of the cap and remain on that side throughout the entire ceremony. Nothing should be worn on the regalia other than official accessories (pins, medallions, stoles).

Honor Cords

Honor cords for cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude will be distributed during the commencement ceremony. April graduates will receive a letter from Academic Affairs in February regarding your honors, while students who have already completed the degree requirements should have received their final transcript with honors listed.

Please be sure to contact Academic Affairs if you have any questions or if the honors are not what you expected; otherwise, your honors may not be listed correctly in the program or announced at the ceremony.  Again, Honor cords will be awarded to recipients during the ceremony and we will practice this at rehearsal (if held). Be sure to pay attention at rehearsal, as this will be the last chance to verify that you are receiving the correct honors.

Honor Society Members, Student Athletes, and Student Organization Members

If you are a member of an academic honor society, contact the faculty or staff advisor of that honor society for information regarding honor medallions, society cords, or pins.  Student Athletes who meet official requirements will have the opportunity to wear stoles to recognize their participation in campus sports teams.  Members of recognized Student Organizations should communicate with their advisor or Student Services for information about stoles.