Gaining Experience

Job Shadowing

Students participate in a period of observation to learn more about a career. Shadowing experiences usually take place over a few hours, ut the duration may vary by career. For information on shadowing or to locate a professional in a field of choice, please contact Career Services.

Informational Interviewing

Interview or correspond with a professional in the area of career interest to learn more about the career! The interview may take place via phone or email, as well as in person. In certain professions shadowing is not permissible due to confidentiality and security issues. Informational interviewing is an alternative that allows students to learn about these professions.


An opportunity to gain experience in your desired field of interest. See our Internships page for more information.

GEM Program

Pitt Greensburg’s GEM (Greensburg Experience More) program complements and enhances classroom learning. Participants engage in structured professional and personal skill development across five core components:

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Service
  3. Career Development
  4. Cultural Awareness and Appreciation
  5. Pitt-Greensburg Pride and Traditions

Study Abroad

Gain international experience while earning academic credits toward your degree. You might even complete an internship while you’re there!

Pitt Summer Edge Program

This program provides a comprehensive, hands-on introduction to the field of public health. Students will learn to analyze and tackle critical world health problems. We will focus on critical thinking skills and real-world tools used by health professionals to:

  • track outbreaks of emerging diseases
  • evaluate environmental threats
  • develop community-based prevention and wellness programs

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Medical Career Experience


Involvement with non-profit organizations is important! Through service, post-graduate internships, or service-related jobs, you can:

  • • earn immense experience
  • • enhance skills
  • • utilize education
  • • create connections
  • • promote civic engagement.

Giving back to your community can be impactful and mutually beneficial. It can be very empowering, especially if you connect with the mission of an organization. Below are a few examples of volunteer and service-related opportunities.

Pitt-Greensburg Volunteer Groups

Each semester the Office of Student Life and Success hosts this multiple-day service event. Into the Streets allows members of the Pitt-Greensburg community to give back to the greater Westmoreland area. Be on the lookout each semester for these opportunities or contact: Al Thiel.