First Year Experience

First-Year Experience and Freshman Seminar

The transition to college life presents a particular challenge to first-year students.  To aid students in making a successful transition from high-school to college, Pitt-Greensburg offers a variety of programs designed to help new students make a successful academic and social transition.

Freshman Seminar

Freshman Seminar is a one-credit, letter-grade course designed exclusively for, and open only to, first-year students. The course is designed to assist Pitt-Greensburg students in making a successful transition — academically and socially — from high school to college. It is intended to help students gain knowledge and practical skills to improve their academic performance, and to facilitate their integration into campus life.

Topics typically covered in the course include:

  • Academic computing resources
  • Library research methods
  • Study skills
  • Career goals
  • Diversity
  • Communication skills
  • Campus resources

Our goal is to help first-year students create a lasting connection to Pitt-Greensburg.  All students will be registered for a Freshman Seminar class (or one of the below listed special seminars) in their schedules.  Freshman Seminar students will be required to attend the informational sessions on Friday, August 24, 2018 as part of the class requirement!

Science Academic Learning Communities

The Science Academic Learning Community is designed for prospective biological sciences, rehabilitation science, pharmacy, and pre-med/pre-dental majors and seeks to integrate Freshman Seminar activities with regular academic work.  Commuter students and resident students alike will be enrolled in a common Freshman Seminar as well as in common sections of the courses that make up the typical first-year schedule for science majors.  Science students interested in this opportunity should indicate their interest on the Freshman Survey.

Engineering Academic Learning Community

All engineering students who qualify for one of the pre-engineering tracks at Pitt-Greensburg automatically become members of the Engineering Academic Learning Community because of their enrollment in ENGR 0011 and ENGR 0081. Engineering students take Freshmen Engineering Seminar 1 instead of Freshmen Seminar.

Academic Village Freshmen Seminar

The Village Freshman Seminar is required for all freshmen living in the Academic Village who are not already enrolled in the Science Academic Learning Community or the Engineering Learning Community. This is a three-credit course taught by the Village Director, Dr. Frank Wilson, and the Village Coordinator, Ms. Sheila Confer.  The Village Freshmen Seminar helps student to gain skills that ease their transition to college by exploring specific topics in depth and participating in activities to develop critical thinking skills.