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What is S.O.A.R.?

Your college career at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg begins with the Summer Orientation & Academic Registration (S.O.A.R.) program. You probably have questions about your academic major, course requirements & electives, housing, campus organizations, recreational opportunities, etc.  You’re also looking forward to meeting your classmates!  The S.O.A.R. program is designed to answer questions about life at Pitt-Greensburg, to introduce you to new people, and to provide the information you need to commence classes at Pitt-Greensburg fully informed and confident.

Do I have to attend?

YES!  S.O.A.R. is a mandatory two-day program for all new, full-time, first-year undergraduates. The S.O.A.R. program is held a few times during the summer — in June and in July.  Each session is held on a Thursday and Friday.  Participation during the entire two-day program is required in order to receive your fall academic schedule.

If you work or have other commitments, you should make arrangements to free your schedule so you can attend one of the scheduled sessions.

When will information be sent out?

Students who have paid their $100.00 tuition deposit will receive an email to their Pitt email account, starting in early May, with a link to an online freshman survey.  This will ask you to register for S.O.A.R. and answer questions used to create your fall class schedule.  Please complete this survey as soon as possible!  The sooner you complete your online form, the better chance you have of getting your first choice of S.O.A.R. dates.  In May, as long as you have completed the survey and the corresponding payment, I will send you a confirmation email confirming your assigned S.O.A.R. date.

Will I have to take any tests?

YES.  But don't panic!  Before you register for S.O.A.R., you will be required to take a brief online foreign language exam (some students may not have to take this).  Most students are also required to take the online math placement exam (there is a fee to take this  exam).  Both of these exams need to be completed in order for you to be registered for the appropriate classes in the fall.  More information regarding how to take these exams will be contained in the S.O.A.R. registration email you receive.  Students will receive their fall class schedules on the second day of  S.O.A.R.

Should I stay overnight?

YES.  All resident students are required to stay overnight in the residence hall on the Thursday night of S.O.A.R.  Commuter students are strongly encouraged to stay the night during S.O.A.R.— it provides a wonderful opportunity to get to know several classmates in a relaxed atmosphere and will allow you to recognize some friendly faces in the fall.  All students staying overnight will be assigned to a room with two other new students of the same gender.  Each room has its own bathroom.  No tobacco or vape products are permitted in the residence halls.

What should I bring?

The S.O.A.R. program is casual. Dress comfortably. For those staying overnight, the residence hall you will be staying in is air conditioned.  Sheets, a pillow, and towels will be provided. Some people actually say the air conditioning is too cold!  Please feel free to bring your own blanket.  Also, please bring your own toiletries (soap, shampoo, etc.) as we do not provide them.  Please DO NOT bring the following: jewelry, computer, TV, other valuable items, alcohol/drugs, tobacco or electronic cigarettes.

If your parent(s)/guardian(s) is (are) staying overnight on campus, you should pack separately as you will be housed in separate buildings.

During S.O.A.R., students will be housed in a hall that is not your permanent housing assignment; you will not be moving in during S.O.A.R.

Is it better to attend the earlier S.O.A.R. sessions?

It is a common misperception that you have to attend the sessions in June in order to get the schedule you want.  Students are scheduled for classes as soon as they take the online math placement exam, take the online foreign language placment exam, AND complete the online Freshman Survey, which includes registering for S.O.A.R.  You must complete ALL of these steps in order to get registered for fall classes, so therefore, the sooner you complete these steps, the earler you will be registered for classes!

Will my roommate(s) be there?

Only if your roommate(s) pick the same S.O.A.R. session as you.  We do not purposely match roommates to S.O.A.R. sessions since we don't know who has been assigned as roommates.  If you must attend the same session as a roommate/friend/sibling, please try to coordinate that before completing your freshman survey S.O.A.R. registration.

What time should I arrive?

Check-in begins at 10:00am on the first day of S.O.A.R.. The program begins promptly at 10:45am. The S.O.A.R. program will conclude by noon on the second day.

Is there a program for my parents/guardians?

YES. An introductory and informational program for your parent(s)/guardian(s) is offered concurrently with the student program. The parent/guardian program is designed to give parents/guardians of new students an opportunity to become familiar with the campus community.  Sessions focus on academics, safety and security, resident and commuter life, health services, financial aid, etc.  Faculty, staff, and current Pitt-Greensburg students will assist with any questions parents/guardians might have. Some of the activities planned will separate students from their guests, as the interests and concerns are sometimes different.  Parents will not be with students during meals.

Any parents and/or guardians requiring overnight accommodations are welcome to stay on campus, or at one of the local hotels/motels.  A list of hotels/motels and their phone numbers will be sent in the confirmation email; please contact the hotel/motel of your choice directly to make reservations. Parents/guardians staying on campus will be housed in a separate building from students, in a four bedroom, two bathroom apartment. Couples will be housed together; single parents/guardians will be housed with other attendees of the same gender.

How much does it cost?

The student fee for SOAR is $50.  This includes program activities, four meals (continental breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the first day and breakfast on the second day), snacks, and materials.  There is a $15 additional fee for students staying overnight, which includes linens.

The parent/guest fee for SOAR is $50 per person.  This includes program activities, four meals (continental breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the first day and breakfast on the second day), snacks, and materials.  There is a $15 per person additional fee for guests staying overnight, which includes linens.

Payment will be accepted by credit card online, check, or cash (in person).  Please refer to the online freshman survey you will complete for payment information.

Fees cannot be prorated or refunded!

Dates for S.O.A.R. 2018

Thursday, June 14th - Friday, June 15th
Thursday, June 28th - Friday, June 29th
Thursday, July 12th – Friday, July 13th

Thursday, July 26th - Friday, July 27th

Consult the tentative schedule listed below for the full two-day schedule.

For additional information regarding S.O.A.R., please contact Ms. Leigh Hoffman, Assistant Dean of Student Services, at 724-836-9954 or leigh7@pitt.edu.

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