Career Exploration

What makes you the person you are and who you will become?

Abilities — Dreams — Experiences Interests — Preferences — Values

Are you undecided about your major or career goals? Below are some questions to think about…

  • What do you like to do?
  • What are your strongest skills?
  • What do you value most?
  • What classes do you like the most?
  • Is there an experience that has led you to be interested in a particular career?

Ways to explore your options

  • Attend a campus program and/or join an organization related to your major
  • Gain career-related experience, such as: Shadowing or Volunteer Work
  • Speak with family, friends, teachers, and your academic advisor about career possibilities
  • Complete a career assessment
  • Research majors and career options
  • Obtain career counseling to discuss interests, abilities, and values

Food For Thought

College students make “major” decisions based on interests. According to a recent Graduating Student & Alumni Survey, college students consider a number of factors when choosing a major:

72.5% chose a major related to their career interests.
14.5% drifted into their major.
7.4% chose a major based on its earning potential.
5.6% followed a family member or friend's advice when choosing their field of study.

Data for the survey was collected and analyzed by NACE, the National Association of Colleges & Employers.

Explore Your Interests

What do you like to do? Focus on your interests - what you like versus what you do not like. 

Examples of Inventories & Related Information:

Want to learn more? Contact Career Services to take a career-related assessment.

Match Your Skills - What Are You Good At?

See how your skills match up to different career paths. Take the O-NET Skills Assessment.

Values: What Means The Most To You?









Helping People


Physical Activity








Work Environment: Where Do You Picture Yourself?

Close To Home

Continuing Education

Creative Atmosphere

Flexible Schedule

Flexible Setting

Good Salary

Independent Workload

Indoor Work

Interesting Work

Lab Work

Office Setting

Outdoor Work

Pay Based Upon Success

Quiet Surroundings

Repetitive Work

Small Team

Specific Job Description

Structured Pay

Structured Work Week

Supportive Supervisor


Travel Opportunities

Varied Work

Versatility In Work

See more about Work Context on the O'Net.

Research & Resources

Activities & Experiential Education