The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg returns to in-person instruction for the Fall 2021 semester. The campus remains closed to the public. Learn how Pitt-Greensburg is building a healthy and resilient community.

New Student Resources

Newly admitted students and families can learn more about the financial aid process by watching the Admitted Student Day Office of Financial Aid presentation.

Financial Aid: Family by Family

Pitt-Greensburg awarded the following financial aid packages by family income for the class entering fall 2020.

Family Income Range Count Average Award
$0-$9,999 30 $22,640
$10,000-$19,999 22 $26,559
$20,000-$29,999 18 $22,225
$30,000-$39,999 23 $24,048
$40,000-$49,999 15 $18,922
$50,000-$59,999 15 $20,047
$60,000-$69,999 23 $14,508
$70,000-$79,999 15 $16,882
$80,000-$89,999 18 $13,968
$90,000-$99,999 20 $10,958
$100,000+ 130 $10,433

Note: Family income is the total family income reported on the FAFSA. For dependent students, this is the student’s income plus the parent’s income. For independent students, this is only the student’s income. Above calculations include counts of first-time freshmen for fall 2020. Award averages include institutional scholarships and grants (including tuition remission), federal and state loans and grant programs, and work study awards. They do not include parent PLUS or alternative loans.