Steps to a Global Experience

view of tulips and mountains

Find a Program & Apply

  • With so many programs, your options are endless! Visit to explore. Some things to think about when selecting a program are: courses, cost, location, program length, excursions, etc. Let your academic, professional, and personal goals guide you. 
  • Meet with the Study Abroad Coordinator and/or the Program Manager to go over the programs, eligibility requirements, and application process. 
  • Applications are accepted online. Please be sure that you adhere to deadlines!
  • Apply for scholarships and speak to Financial Aid. 

Before You Go

  • Research where you are going before you go!
    • By researching a little bit about the culture, climate, and customs, you can feel better prepared.
  • Attend all pre-departure meetings and orientations.
  • Set your goals and expectations.
    • Setting goals and expectations will help you to face culture shock and get the most out of your experience. 

While Abroad

  • Study/Attend class/Attend program-related events! Remember, this is an academic experience. 
  • Work through culture shock.
    • Differences in your new culture can be surprising and challenging. This feeling of 'shock' is known as culture shock. Culture shock is normal and can occur in different ways and at different times for different students. Keeping an open mind, trying new things, engaging with the community, talking with other students or family and friends can help you to face culture shock. If you think you are feeling something more than culture shock, please reach out for help.
  • Live in the moment; don't live through the screen on your phone.
    • Your experience abroad is what you make of it. Please take some time to put your phone down and really engage with the culture around you. 

When You Return

  • Studying abroad/away is an investment! Join us for a resume writing/interview prep workshop and learn how to appropriately showcase your study abroad experience. 
  • Get involved! There are a lot of campus opportunities that can allow you space to talk about your experience and encourage others to go abroad. Speak to the Study Abroad Coordinator for more information!
  • Go abroad again!