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Pitt-Greensburg launches new campus website

The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg unveiled its new website design on Monday, September 23. This is the first site-wide redesign in six years and was accomplished after a four-month planning and design process. The new site is significantly more mobile-friendly than the previous site and is up-to-date with Pitt’s web accessibility standards for users with disabilities.

“Overall, the goal of our website redesign is a more effective and informative experience for our campus community and the public,” said Justin Antoszewski, Pitt-Greensburg’s online communications & development associate. Antoszewski worked closely with the University of Pittsburgh Office of University Communications who provided the design capabilities and produced the site’s template and infrastructure. Further informational upgrades will continue to occur over the next several months to sections and individual pages on the new site.

The URL for the new site remains

Publication Date

Monday, September 23, 2019 - 09:00