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Mark T Stauffer, PhD

  • Associate Professor of Chemistry

Mark T. Stauffer, PhD, an associate professor of Chemistry, teaches lecture and laboratory courses in analytical chemistry, general chemistry, and instrumental analysis.  He leads an undergraduate research group comprised of biology and chemistry majors involved in determinations of selected metals and nonmetals in abandoned mine drainage and other natural waters, hair (human, cat, dog), foods and beverages, and soils.  His group is also involved in the development of portable analytical methods for on-site (field) use, metal-ion chelating agents for use in determination of metals, sensor development for chemical analysis, and modifications of the original Miller-Urey experiment.  Dr. Stauffer has advised more than 40 undergraduates in research to date, published research results (with students) in the Journal of Chemical Education and Spectroscopy Letters, and presented (alone and with student coauthors) nearly 40 oral papers and posters at regional and national/international conferences.  A former president of the Pitt-Greensburg Faculty Senate, he is currently a member of the American Chemical Society, the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh, the Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh, and the OnSiteSM Analysis Conference Scientific Board.  He has chaired the Division of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering at Pitt-Greensburg since July 2008.