Audra Lewis, Ed.S.

  • Engagement Manager -Office of Community Outreach

Audra Lewis is from Pittsburgh, PA and relocated to Florida to start her career in Education. She has spent almost two decades transforming the lives of learners in the 7th largest school district in the nation as an instructional leader. Audra is currently working on an EdD degree in transformational educational leadership. She believes that all learners should have equitable access to education and that their zip code should not determine access to high-quality resources and instruction. Equity is giving students what they require to be successful while addressing academic and social needs. Educators must develop the ability to teach across race, class, or cultural background. This includes the ability to develop relationships with respect and empathy for others. Audra is a person of an agency that has employed strong character and leadership in my career as well as service to her community. She has volunteered to lead a Girl Scout troop and serve on the service unit to make the world a better place. Her goal is to build capacity in others, so we can shape a better tomorrow for all in our society.

“Relationships first, then everything else. Through relationships we build capacity in each other.” - Audra Lewis