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First-ever Winter Session available to all students in the Pitt system; 10 classes to be offered during longer than usual winter recess

The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg will offer 10 remote-learning classes during its new Winter Session that will run from December 7, 2020, through January 15, 2021. The classes are open to students from all Pitt campuses and will be taught in an asynchronous format. This format means that the class is not bound to a particular time or location, including both the course content and assessments, leaving it up to the students when they participate. Students will have to follow class guidelines and meet key deadlines. Complete details about the program and how to register may be found here.

“The Winter Session was developed with student success in mind,” said Beth Tiedemann, director of Academic Advising and registrar at Pitt-Greensburg. “A Winter Session class can help students get ahead in credits, spread out their credit load between Winter Session and regular Spring Term classes, or catch up on credits by making up a class.”

Tiedemann and Jacqueline Horrall, PhD, vice president for Academic Affairs at Pitt-Greensburg, praised the collaboration that they received from their counterparts at the University of Pittsburgh. They specifically recognized the Pitt Offices of the Registrar, Financial Aid, Student Financials, as well as the support of Vice Provost for Undergraduate Study Joseph McCarthy.

“Pitt personnel went above and beyond to make this happen in a short amount of time,” said Tiedemann. “We’ve never had a long winter break like this. Developing a Winter Session class schedule is an innovative approach to helping our students succeed, and we appreciate the support that we received to quickly develop this opportunity.”

“The effort that the folks in Pittsburgh put in to make this happen was phenomenal,” said Horrall. “People from across multiple campuses came together to make this happen. They sought information on our behalf and provided us with great support to help us work through the logistics.”

At Pitt-Greensburg, they acknowledged the support of colleagues in the Business Office and Financial Aid where Ronna Colland, director of Finance and Risk Management, Karen Tate, manager of Business Services, and Brian Beighley, director of Financial Aid, contributed to the development of the new program.  

Pitt students interested in taking classes during the new Winter Session are encouraged to contact their academic advisor to discuss their options. Enrollment opens November 16, and classes begin December 7.

Students may choose from a range of classes, including:
• Public Speaking
• English Composition 2
• Studio Arts
• Philosophy
• Introduction to Wellness
• Decision-Making with Excel
• Natural Science 1
• Introduction to Sociology
• American Politics
• Introduction to Psychology

From a financial aid perspective, the Winter Session is incorporated with the spring term. If a student’s total credits for Winter Session and Spring 2021 combined are less than 12 credits, they will be charged tuition on a per-credit basis plus part-time fees. If the student is enrolled for 12-18 credits during both sessions, they will be charged a flat-rate tuition plus full-time fees. If the student is enrolled for more than 18 credits combined during the two sessions, they will be charged flat rate tuition plus per-credit tuition for credits over 18. 

Publication Date

Wednesday, November 11, 2020 - 11:30